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Amy believes that everyone should have three things as far as their Life Plan in concerned:  A Will, a Health Care Power of Attorney to allow someone to make medical decisions and to care for you when you are not able, and a Durable Power of Attorney so someone can handle all of your affairs should you become incapacitated.  These are very important and help make caring for you or your loss easier on your loved ones.  If you do not have these or need to update these life plan documents, call Amy.  Her fees to do these for you are generally reasonable.

When someone passes and you are responsible for ensuring that their Will is probated and that their assets are given to those intended, Amy can help you through this legal process.  Perhaps, the heirs want to divide up the assets in a different way that set forth by the deceased?  Amy can help the Heirs devise a Private Family Settlement Agreement to enable the beneficiaries to reach an Agreement on the division of assets.  Even if there is a dispute over the Will, Amy is able to help you put forth your legal stance in Court.

Often, a loved one may become incapacitated or unable to handle his or her own affairs  You can call on Amy to assist you in making sure the proper person is appointed to be the Guardian (takes care of the person) and/or the Conservator (takes care of the finances) for the person in need of care.

Sometimes, there may be family owned property that needs to be sold but there is a problem with a title because an estate was never filed or the Will does not allow the sale.  Amy can file the necessary pleadings to get the Court's Approval to sell the property.

Just remember, any time you have an issue or question about your life planning needs, a case that is or should be in Probate or the best way to care for an elderly loved one, please call Amy.  She will gladly help you determine what you need.


If your marriage is in crisis and you are considering Divorce, call Amy.  She will discuss with you whether counselling or mediation may be needed, if a Settlement Agreement should be tried or if filing for a divorce is the best option for you.  It is not always in your best interest to start a lawsuit until you have considered all of your options.  Amy believes in discussing the law in SC and your options before you proceed with litigation.

Also, Amy has a background in business and has handled many situations involving the division of assets.  She can draft a Settlement Agreement, which could potentially resolve your issues and save you time and money.  Amy can also serve as the Mediator to help resolve your family conflicts outside of the Courtroom.


When you have decided to buy or sell a home or investment property, let Amy represent you and walk you through the closing process.  These should be happy occasions, and Amy will help keep it that way.

Landlord/ enant disputes are very common.  If you find yourself in one, call Amy to see if she can help settle it or, if necessary, go to Court for you.


If you are being sued by a Creditor or if the Mortgage Company is trying to foreclose on your home, call Amy.  She will help you determine the best course to take, whether you have any valid defenses and any settlement possibilities.  Sometimes, when finances are tight and creditors are pressuring you, you just need a someone to listen to help you get through it.  Amy is there for you.


If your application for disability benefits has been denied, Amy can prepare and submit the Appeal for you.  At some point, you will, hopefully, have a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, and Amy will be there with you to present your case.


When you start a new business, let Amy help you decide if you should incorporate the business or operate as a partnership or sole proprietorship.  Also, if you decide to sell your business, Amy is able to draw up a Sale or Purchase Agreement to protect you and make sure your best interests are considered in concluding the deal.