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First of all, your 30-minute initial consultation with Amy costs you absolutely nothing. Yes, zero dollars to speak with an experienced attorney. During that conversation, you both may realize that your case will benefit by working with Campbell-Kelly Law. Naturally, you will then discuss billing and rates.

Amy's goal is to make all of her clients happy; therefore, she never wants to send a surprise bill for an exorbitant amount. That would, of course, make the client feel cheated and upset. Unfortunately, this can occasionally happen when working with bigger firms.

When it comes to billing her clients, she is dedicated to providing full transparency. No surprises here.

Here's the idea of Attorney fees

It is not always clear what you will be charged by attorney just by searching the internet. An uncontested divorce will not cost as much or take as much as a divorce with assets that still need to be divided and custody visitation and schedules still need to be determined.

Basically, there are three types of fees:  Flat Rate, Hourly and Contingency Fees.


Amy most often charges a Flat Rate Fee, such as for drafting Wills, Powers of Attorneys, Contracts, Business Incorporations and Real Estate Closings.  Any legal matter that is finite in time or has a definite or expected time limit can be billed at a flat rate or set fee.  Since Amy has handled numerous such cases her fee will be based on the expected time needed.  Amy will also take into consideration the client's financial situation, needs and special situation when setting the fee.  For example, drafting a Deed, an agreement or reviewing a document usually costs $250.  Wills, powers of attorneys and related documents for individuals and couples range from about $350 to $1000.


Other cases that are not finite in time, such as a divorce case, would be charged by an hourly rate.  Amy's hourly rate is between $250 and $400 an hour depending on the complexity of the issues involved in the case.


Contingency cases are mainly used for  Social Security cases so that there is no fee unless the client wins.  These are cases where it is not feasible for the client to pay a lawyer unless he or she has a good chance of winning and the lawyer is willing to take the risk that the case can be won.


Costs are always separate and payable by the client.  Amy does charge for her actual out of pocket expenses like filing fees, deposition costs, recording fees and other court fees.  She does not charge for copies (unless unusually voluminous) or long distance calls.


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